About ERDC

Embedded Research & Development centre specialization in embedded system, electronics design and practical utility operations. The ERDC was established solely providing R & D solution in the area of Embedded system, robotics and Basic Practical electronics. The mission of ERDC is to provide low cost solution for students and hobbyist according to their requirements. The centre provides real world solution beyond the curriculum which are the need of the present industries. We believe in practical expertise because "engineers are created in Labs" and ERDC is making real engineering and not only book worms. ERDC has infrastructure to undertake high technology projects, which demand in house R & D facilities and expertise. Indigenous systems/solution development is the focus of the Centre.


All our team members are well trained and posses a high level of expertise available adequate knowledge in technologies as well as industrial standards.

Technically Advanced:

We use the most modern development tools and technologies available in the market today. We are working at pace with the fast evolving capabilities and uses of multimedia and the internet.


Our engineers and trainers are professional in the trust sense of the word. Our people put in whatever efforts is required, whenever needed, to keep our students abreast with the latest technological trends.

Reasonable cost:

Relationship is more important that margins. We believe in being reasonable in all possible ways for a long-term and fruitfull relationship.

ERDC Achievements

  • 1st Prize in IIT Bombay for Designing the robot run by a mobile from any part of the world.
  • 1st Prize at IIT Kharagpur for designing a waste sorting machine.
  • Developed own embedded system Development Board.
  • 1st such type of centre in northern India.
  • First Prize in Robo-Opus 2011, Zonal Centre of IT-BHU & Robosapiens India.