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Global Studies

Global Studies

Exhibiting both competence and character are pivotal to be able to attain business objectives. Ethical choices are made with the help of a sound character and appropriate business decisions are made with the help of competence. Samalkha Group of Institutions commits itself to develop both these qualities in its students.

Our meticulous, interdisciplinary and integrated curriculum develops the skills of problem solving letting the students set highest possible vision for themselves. After analyzing business environments, the students devise strategic business plans. For attainment of the business plans, they work in cohesive teams and find appropriate solutions to the real business problems. They are able to do this because of the excellent business environment provided at SGi.

Skill Courses

Besides acquiring discipline-related technical competencies, students will also acquire a range of life skills needed to be successful at the workplace: Presenting, Communicating, Critical Reasoning, Etiquette and Conversing, Problem Solving and Consulting.

Global Studies

  • Global Studies - Pathway
  • Global Studies - Step by Step
  • Global Studies - Training

Objectives :

  • To provide academic advising and placement to make the students capable of career advancement.
  • To make them gain practical knowledge in all the fields to make them efficient and effective .
  • To inculcate values & ethics in students through academics, co-curricular & extra-circular activities.
  • To develop an all-round personality, integrated with the very best of the Indian values and civilizations.