Department of Computer Science and Engineering :: Major Equipment/Experimental Facilities

In Addition to Computer Centre with all Facilities Required for Study and Research in Computer Science and Engineering Field, SGi also have:

  • IBM X Series Servers
  • Project Labs Equipped with Latest Desktops & Development Software's
  • Cisco Managed Switches Based Network
  • Eight MBPS Leased Line (Pure Internet) Internet through Firewall Protection
  • Round The Clock Highly Secured Wi-Fi Connectivity with Firewall Protection
  • IBM DB2 & Oracle 11G
  • Open Source Laboratory
  • Web Application Development Centre
  • Licensed Software's - Overs 580
  • Above 750, Intel Core 2 Duo, 2GB RAM Desktop
  • Microsoft Standard Network (1000 Mbps Standard Peer)
  • Centralized Console Technology (Video, Audio, Database and Web Server)
  • ERP Based Database Management System
  • Microsoft Certified Authorized Test Centre
  • Linux Resource Centre
  • Ethical Hacking / Hack Group Policy Resource Centre