Department of Aeronautical Engineering Engineering :: Major Equipment/Experimental Facilities

With all Facilities Required for Practical Exposure in Aeronautical Engineering Field, SGi also have:

  • Computer Aided Engineering/CAM Laboratory Specializes with Latest Engeering Software
  • Wind Tunnel
  • Research Activities in Aircraft Control System
  • Static and Dynamic Structure Analyzer
  • Micro-Controller Programmer
  • Advance Communication Techniques Systems
  • Acoustic Optic Modulator with RX Unit
  • Numerical Analysis Techniques Software's
  • Propulsion & Structural Techniques Lab
  • Energy Conversion Techniques and Various Transducers
  • Aerodynamic Laboratory for Teaching and Research Activities in Aerodynamics Field
  • Advance Aircraft Analysis
  • Nastran & Patran and Computational Fluid Dynamic Analyzer
  • 20MHz Arb Waveform Generator
  • Antenna & Radar Systems
  • High Performance Desktop PCs
  • Modeling & Analysis Tools
  • Measurement Techniques on Strength of Material